Tui-Na Chinese Massage

Tui-Na means to push and grasp. It is one of the lesser known branches of Chinese medicine in the western world. Tui-Na is highly regarded as an effective physical treatment by those who have received it. It is a deep, vigorous massage which is performed on a clothed body.

Tui-Na can prove to be uncomfortable in parts of the treatment, as pressure is applied to acupoints along the meridians. The application to the acupoints aids the balance of Qi flow through the meridians, clearing stagnation and dispersing blockages and toxins. This eases pain and stiffness within the body allowing relaxation to take over.

Tui-Na may be used in conjunction with Acupuncture to treat a wide variety of ailments, i.e. Arthritis and Musculoskeletal problems. Tui-Na has a powerful healing effect benefiting all ages.

Tui-Na is a useful tool in combating all types of musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries. It may be used in general holistic health care, having a profound effect on a person's well being.

The application of the treatment will concentrate on specific problems described by the patient, whereupon Acupressure points, Meridian muscles and joints will be appropriately worked. The client will leave relaxed but energized by the treatment.

The client will be advised to wear loose clothing and no shoes.

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