I am a well respected integrated practitioner in Chinese and alternative therapies. Holding a BSc in Oriental Medicines, I am trained nationally and internationally in many disciplines and has assisted on Cranial Sacral Training courses both in South Africa and Israel with the internationally renowned Upledger Institute.

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"Sharon provides a truly professional and friendly service. All four members of the family have benefitted from Sharon's expertise at some point, with remarkable success. She has treated us for back and joint pain, sinusitis, sports injuries, whiplash injury after a car accident ...... Treatments are varied according to need and very effective!" M. Davis

I holds a strong belief in the mind - body connection which has allowed me to provide a unique blending of Oriental Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapies and neuro-linguistic programming.

Thus, my clients are always ensured a bespoke treatment designed to the individual's needs.

"Sharon is a miracle worker! A friend recommended that I should see her for treatment and she succeeded in sorting out my painful feet within a handful of weeks, where doctors and physios had been failing for over a year. I continue to have monthly treatments and each time Sharon focuses on whichever bit hurts the most in order to keep me pain free and mobile. She is skillful, knowledgeable, professional and has the ability to put you at ease with her friendly manner. I have complete trust in her expertise and would not hesitate to recommend her. ps. Don't be misled by her dinky stature, she can be a real meanie! What is it they say about diamonds coming in small packages?" Louise Percival

I am dedicated to my work and maintain a high level of continuing professional training in order to further develop and enhance my knowledge, understanding and delivery of treatments.

I enjoy a peaceful life with my family balanced against thriving, busy private practice in Yorkshire called Hands to Health.

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Diamond Tree Coaching
Sharon offers NLP coaching too at Diamond Tree Coaching.