Chi Nei Tsang

Developed by the Chinese Taoist monks to help detoxify, strengthen and refine their bodies to carry energy required to perform high spiritual practices. Today it continues to be used by people in all walks of life for health and well-being.

"Working the energy and programming of internal organs"

Chi = Energy and Information
Nei Tsang = Viscera or Internal organs

Chi Nei Tsang is a non-invasive abdominal massage, concentrating on the energy flow to the internal organs. This helps to create balance, Empty Force Statue Thailandharmony and healing via the neurons and energy lines in the various organs, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, integumentary, lymphatic, nervous fasciae - tendon - muscle and acupuncture meridians.

Today we understand that the guts contain more neurons than the brain and recently some Western Scientists have come to name this area as the "second brain".

Chi Nei Tsang can help in a physical, emotional and spiritual way; aiding digestion whilst eliminating toxic waste.

Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang include eliminating abdominal pains/period pains, detoxification and strengthening of weak organs, better digestion. Assimilation and evaculation corrects old chronic structural problems and boosts the immune system.

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