Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, somewhere between sleep and awakening. When you are in this relaxed state the conscious analytical mind is reduced allowing communication to take place with the unconscious, creative suggestive part of the brain where all we have learnt, have knowledge of or experienced is stored.

Whilst in this comfortable deeply enhanced state of relaxation the breath and pulse rate are lowered allowing you to go deep within yourself where you can have a direction of focus on the desired outcome.

Hypnosis is very safe as the subconscious part of the mind will only accept the positive beneficially suggestions.

LilliesDuring the session, you will always be in control, whilst retaining on awareness of sound, movements, touch and all of your senses. Here suggestion therapy is used to bring a different perspective on events, habits or ways of thinking. This allows a change in current beliefs, feeling or thoughts. This creates a healthy new mind set, with a fresh set of associations to bring about a new and positive change.

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